The Foundation carries out its activities in order to contribute to the social, cultural growth, protection of the environment, biodiversity, cultural traditions, artistic and architectural and cultural heritage and the natural, urban and agricultural landscape.

The Foundation aims to promote agreements with Institutes, Organizations and/or Associations, Organisms or Companies having purposes similar to those mentioned above, in particular with the countries bordering the Mediterranean. It can therefore establish collaborative relationships with similar national and international bodies as well as enter into conventions, conclude agreements and sign contracts with Ministries, Universities, University Institutes, Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Mixed Chambers, Public Bodies, Private Bodies.

The activities of the Foundation will mainly address the following activities: education; training; promotion and enhancement of cultural, architectural, historical and religious heritage, protection and enhancement of the environment; promotion of eco/bio compatible alternative energies, promotes and disseminates sustainable agricultural practices such as organic farming, agriculture biodynamic, there permaculture, and biotechnology, aimed at improving the living conditions of disadvantaged people due to economic, social or family conditions; promotion of culture and art; protection of civil rights; scientific research of particular social interest, as defined by the dPR 14 June 2003, n. 135; in general the objectives of the Millennium Goals defined by'UN.

Particular importance for the Foundation assumes the commitment to support, promote, develop all practices and economic activities that have ethical principles and sustainable use of resources and the protection of the planet's natural resources and fundamental human rights, freedom of thought, of speech, of expression of religion, of political choices and in general as fixed on 10 December 1948, by the General Assembly of the United Nations which approved and proclaimed the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights".

The Foundation's activities also intend to encourage research and study activities, promoting research projects, granting scholarships, and raising funds for the achievement of the aforementioned purposes. You may also:

  • Promote and organize events, conferences, meetings, proceeding with the publication of the relative deeds or documents, and all those initiatives suitable for favoring organic contact between the Foundation and other operators in the same sector or in the sectors of culture, the environment, traditions and research;
  • Carry out, on an ancillary and instrumental basis to the pursuit of institutional purposes, activities also with reference to the publishing and audiovisual sector and communication and information in general;
  • Carry out any other activity suitable to support the pursuit of these purposes;
  • Participate in regional, national and international tenders including EU ones for the financing of initiatives consistent with the purpose of the foundation;
  • Stipulate any appropriate deed or contract, also for the financing of the operations approved, including the lease, the assumption under concession or loan or the purchase, in ownership or surface rights, of real estate, the stipulation of agreements of any generally also transcribed in public registers, with public or private entities, which are considered appropriate and useful for the achievement of the Foundation's purposes;
  • It identifies the strategies and elaborates the policies to promote and intensify the economic relations and collaboration between Italian companies and primarily with the companies of the countries bordering the Mediterranean;
  • Promote and participate in the establishment of associations and entities between Italian companies and companies from Mediterranean countries in order to bring benefits to disadvantaged people due to economic, social or family conditions.